Relevant Questionnaires

Phenotypes/Relevant Questionnaires

All quality-of-life domains commonly assessed by standard health-related quality-of-life questionnaires are of relevance. These domains may address overall quality of life, overall health, specific physical functioning, physical symptoms, social functioning, and psychological functioning or well-being.

For purposes of pooling data it would be preferable to have all quality-of-life outcomes to be measured identically. However, at this point in time this is unfeasible. We are therefore interested in data sets that include validated, self-report questionnaires. The following types of questionnaires are relevant:

(1) generic quality-of-life measures, e.g., the SF-36/SF-12, the WHOQOL-100/WHOQOL-BREF
(2) disease-specific quality-of-life questionnaires that are devised for a disease group, e.g., cancer, or a specific
diagnosis, e.g., advanced breast cancer; and
(3) domain-specific measures that are targeted at a single quality-of-life domain, such as fatigue, pain, mood, happiness.

Genotypes/-Omics Data

We are interested in any data at the molecular level, including genome-wide and candidate gene markers and gene expression and biochemical data.