Publications of GeneQol members

Founding publications of the GeneQol Consortium

  • Sprangers MAG, Sloan JA, Veenhoven R, Cleeland CS, Halyard MY, Abertnethy AM, Frank Baas F, Barsevick AM, Bartels M, Boomsma DI, Chauhan C, Dueck AC, Frost MH, Hall P, Klepstad P, Martin NG, Miaskowski C, Mosing M, Movsas B, Noorden CJF van, Patrick DL, Pedersen NL, Ropka ME, Shi Q, Shinozaki G, Singh JA, Yang P, and Zwinderman AH. The Establishment of the GENEQOL Consortium to Investigate the Genetic Disposition of Patient-Reported Quality-of-Life Outcomes. Twin Research and Human Genetics 2009; 12; 3: 301–311.
  • Sprangers MAG, Sloan JA, Barsevick A, Chauhan C, Dueck AC, Raat H, Quiling S, Van Noorden CJF, the GENEQOL consortium. Scientific imperatives, clinical implications, and theoretical underpinnings for the investigation of the relationship between genetic variables and patient-reported quality-of-life outcomes. Quality of Life Research 2010; 19: 1395-1403.
  • Barsevick A, Frost M, Zwinderman A, Hall P, Halyard M, and the GENEQOL Consortium. I’m so tired: biological and genetic mechanisms of cancer-related fatigue. Quality of Life Research 2010; 19: 1419-1427.
  • Chauhan C. Optimists doing something different: a patient’s view of GeneQOL research. Quality of Life Research 2010; 19: 1405-1406.
  • Sprangers MAG, Bartels M, Veenhoven R, Baas F, Martin NG, Mosing M, Movsas B, Ropka ME, Shinozaki G, Swaab D, GENEQOL Consortium. Which patient will feel down, which will be happy? The need to study genetic disposition of emotional states. Quality of Life Research 2010; 19: 1429-1437.

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