GeneQoL in the Media

  • Meike Bartels is University Research Chair 'Genetics and Wellbeing'

    GeneQol consortium member Meike Bartels (VU University Amsterdam and Netherlands Twin Register) is appointed as University Research Chair. The objective of the chair “Genetics and Wellbeing” is to contribute to the knowledge on the determinants of wellbeing in children, adolescents, and adults, with a focus on the contribution of the genome to subjective wellbeing, life satisfaction, happiness and quality of life.

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  • Article in the Amsterdam Medical Center magazine: interview with Mirjam Sprangers and Koos Zwinderman

    The interview is about the paper by Dounya Schoormans (Schoormans D, Radonic T, Witte P de, Groenink M, Azim D, Lutter R, Mulder BJM, Sprangers MAG, Zwinderman AH. Mental quality of life is related to a cytokine genetic pathway.PLoS One 2012; 7), december 2012


  • Radio panel discussion: How?Like This! (Hoe?Zo!) of the NTR with Ruut Veenhoven and Mirjam Sprangers

    Hoe?Zo! is a Dutch radio program about science. On February 22, 2012 the panel discussion on happiness was broadcasted live from the ‘dissecting table’ of Museum Boerhaave inLeiden. In this program, happiness was also discussed by clinical neurologist Dirk Nuytten (Hospital Network Antwerpen;Belgium) and philosopher and legal expert Klaas Rozemond (Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands).



  • Television ocumentary: VPRO Labyrint with Jeff Sloan, Meike Bartels and Frank Baas

    VPRO Labyrint is a Dutch television series about science. The following episode entitled “Born with happiness” focuses on happiness (first half hour) and depression (last half hour). The program was broadcasted on March 24, 2010.

    Part one

    Part two

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  •  Article in the Amsterdam Medical Center magazine on the GeneQoL Consortium, januari 2010